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Fall Color Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over

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Posted on October 25, 2010

The pundits have decided that our mountain leaf color has hit its peak.

But Nancy and I went for a rare October drive yesterday on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and beg to differ. We’re usually housebound at Inn on Main Street most of the busy October leaf-peeping season, and we were amazed at the brilliance of leaf color even at higher elevations. And outside our window in Weaverville, many of the trees have just begun to hit their color potential. We have a crepe myrtle, sourwood and redbud in particular that are in their blazing glory. The neighbors’ maples are taking on that Day-Glo oranginess that trumps all other leaf color. On our way into Asheville, the sycamores along Beaver Lake and decorative maples downtown were gorgeous.

David Pittman and Cory Toulouse, two fun guests from the D.C. area, took a drive on the Parkway about three days ago and brought back spectacular photos of waterfalls, landscapes and hiking trails, and all the photos bore a palette of bright colors. Old-timers around these mountains used to say that this time of year was when the hills put on Joseph’s Coat.

Never mind the experts. I got the word straight from the source: The leaves tell me the show will go on for another couple weeks. Don’t miss it.

Girls Night Out at the Bed and Breakfast

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Posted on October 9, 2010

We get a lot of girls getaway groups here at Inn on Main Street. Mostly they’re best friends, sisters, or even former sorority mates or cheerleaders. The sweetest outings, I think, are the mom-daughter getaways.

Often it’s Mom with a teenage daughter, enjoying one of the last bonding adventures before college and marriage sweep them onto diverging paths. Less often, a grown daughter will join her retired mother for a visit to the Biltmore Estate and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Such was the case with Anne Wilson, who brought her mother, Elizabeth Keck, from the St. Louis area for a visit to our mountains. They were on the go all day, every day, squeezing every sight to be seen from the Biltmore Estate, Weaverville and Asheville. What made their mother-daughter all the more remarkable is that Elizabeth is 94. She credited her aerobics and tai chi classes with keeping her body limber. She keeps her wit limber by using it a lot.

A couple days after Anne and Elizabeth left, another mom and daughter checked in as part of a wedding party. Here to see her granddaughter married was Bernice Patterson, 92, who also entertained us with her energy.

These ladies are proof that life never gets old if we stay active. They’re an inspiration to us.