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Bed and Breakfast with Beastly Deals

  • artsafarilogo

Posted on March 25, 2010

If it’s spring, it’s time to go on safari again. Not to stalk magnificent animals in the African bush, but to hunt magnificent arts and crafts produced by our clever Weaverville artists.

The Weaverville Art Safari is April 24 and 25, with the famous preview party on Friday, April 23, at Reems Creek Golf Club. Print a brochure if you aren’t already on the mailing list. We always tell our guests that the preview party alone is worth the visit, with a fun silent auction, dozens of door prizes and yummy hors d’oeuvres.

The safari is part treasure hunt, part cultural tourism, and part voyeurism as you see artists in their own environment, much like the magnificent critters on the savannah. Nobody leaves without a bargain piece to be admired for years to come, or even a functional item with attitude to give your day a smile. The Art Safari reflects that our tiny town shares the cosmopolitan nature of Asheville, yet has its own unique identity. The Art Safari symbolizes what makes our Weaverville a great place to live.

Inn on Main Street is likely to fill up with arts enthusiasts, so it’s always good to book early. We’ve made it even more attractive with an Art Safari special. When you are indulging your appreciation for nice things, it’s never a good idea to stay in a sterile motel rather than a bed and breakfast.

Spring arrives in Asheville

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Posted on March 18, 2010 

After a brutal winter, by Weaverville standards, the promise of warm and blooming weather has arrived. We’ve been so eager to see the first daffodil open we couldn’t stand it. Well, here he is, captured in the act of opening.

Other signs of spring are also arriving: The Biltmore Estate is opening its Antler Hill Village this weekend, and begins the Festival of Flowers in a couple weeks. It’s T-shirt weather again, a sultry 63 degrees today. Mrs. Landers called to schedule her first-graders’ annual egg hunt on the Inn on Main Street lawn. Our koi have emerged from near-hibernation and are exploring their surroundings again. The only folks in shorts are fresh arrivals from Florida, but we’re all fixing to break out the bags of summer clothes soon.

Spring brings promise on all levels. We innkeepers rejoice at the return of guests, and our bed and breakfast guests rejoice at a slow-but-sure improvement in the economy. Cabin fever is giving way to hope, and we’ve been yearning for that. May your spring blossom with hope as well.

New face on an Asheville Bed and Breakfast

  • ayers bathroom

Posted on March 1, 2010

Tourism is suffering in Asheville.

A rockslide cut off much of the traffic from the west. Winter keeps slamming us with record colds, then blizzards, then blizzards again. The economy just doesn’t seem to get past the sputter start.

Here at Inn on Main Street, we believe that if you are going be wringing your hands with worry, you might as well be holding a paint brush while you do it. We’ve taken advantage of guestless times to repair, repaint, upgrade and in the case of one bath, remodel, so the going is smooth when guests return.

We were particularly happy to be able to update the Ayers bath, which had an 1980s look that inspired the wrong sort of nostalgia. The Ayers is our largest room, and the most popular with long-term guests and girlfriend getaway groups. It begs for an elegance and comfort level that was lacking. We re-tiled, tore down dated wallpaper, repainted in a chocolate-and-cream combination, installed a new vanity and replaced the cute (but non-functional) antique commode chair with a dressing bench. We’re very happy with how it turned out.

We replaced the wicker setee in the Robinson room with a couple comfy armchairs. The wicker was cute, but not as conducive to watching TV or a fire in the fireplace. That room and others also got some fresh paint.

Nancy won’t let us rest on our laurels. Tomorrow we begin painting the kitchen. I groan to think of moving our huge pine cupboard so we can paint behind it, but it will all be worthwhile in a few days.

When our guests ask if we got a nice rest in during the off season, we’ll just smile and nod. It’s another idyllic period in the life of an innkeeper.