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Renewal at the Old B&B

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Posted on February 18, 2013

The rich burgundy of the dining room has a less busy look than the paisley wallpaper.

The past couple of years in January, we took a month-long break during Asheville‘s slow season for tourism, and became tourists ourselves in Mexico. OK, so we weren’t just tourists; we also got our teeth fixed at this great dentist.

This year, our off-season wish list of projects at Inn on Main Street got too long to take a month off, so after a too-short week of kayaking and cycling around Cedar Key in Florida, we put on the grubby clothes and dug in.

We stripped wallpaper and painted the parlor, rearranging the furnishings to obey the feng shui expertise of a friend. We were afraid of altering the Victorian authenticity of those rooms, but after we finished the parlor re-do, we realized that it doesn’t hurt to let go of some of that antique excess.

That redecorating felt so good, we decided to tear out the reddish paisley wallpaper in the dining room, and paint that room in a similar deep burgundy color. The result was startling, even though the color scheme didn’t change. The rich, dark walls show off the artwork and add to the warmth of the room. One guest said he felt like he was in an art gallery.

At that point, Nancy was unstoppable, and repainted the pink Monroe room in a light gray with very subtle pink undertones. The walls now project a rich and understated feel very different from the girly froufrou that we enjoyed, but found overwhelming. Now Nancy is eyeing the Ayers room for a similar treatment.

After 14 years as innkeepers here in Weaverville, we fight any tendency to get tired, or to let our inn look tired. A bed and breakfast should look historic, yet fresh. We especially want to keep the experience for returning guests comfortable and familiar, yet new and surprising.

As the weather warms and the back porch beckons, we hope that, like our rooms, familiar faces will return with new stories to tell.