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Bed and breakfast for Obama in Asheville

Posted on April 18, 2010

We’re thrilled that President Obama is coming to Asheville for his personal vacation.

It seems peculiar that he would choose our mountains, when he has all the privacy and beauty of Camp David, or could jet off to some more exotic locale. I like to think that he loved the Asheville vibe while he was campaigning here. He picked up lunch at 12 Bones then and no doubt got a glimpse of our youthful (in attitude, if not always in years), hip, artsy and active culture.

Maybe he’ll drop in on a studio or two at the Weaverville Art Safari, or better yet bid at the silent auction on Friday, while he’s in town. Michelle Obama would look great in some handmade wearable art created by a Weaverville artist.

We can certainly use the exposure. Tourism has taken a hit from the recession. People still visit the Biltmore Estate, but on a budget. Everyone has downsized, so folks we would have gotten as guests here in better times are shaving expenses by staying at chain motels and eating fast food. We like to see the president stay at the Grove Park Inn (if not Inn on Main Street!) just to show there’s no reason to slum it. Bad food and bad beds should be stimulus enough to come back to comfort.

President Obama will be here when the mountains are at their best, full of redbud and dogwood blossoms, as well as delicate mountain orchids, trilliums and fiddleneck ferns. The songbirds are back and harmonizing. The days are sunny and the nights are cool. It’s a time we are thankful for the end of a harsh winter and the promise of a dawning summer. There is hope in the air, and we need our president to nurture that hope. Welcome home to Asheville, Mr. Obama.

An Easter egg hunt at the B&B

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Posted on April 2, 2010

We think we’re the luckiest bed and breakfast in the Asheville area this time of year.

Just before Easter break each year, Mrs. Landers brings her first-graders from Weaverville Primary School to hunt for colorful plastic Easter eggs on the Inn on Main Street front lawn. It’s always a hoot for us, and for the children it’s a memorable event. We’ve been approached by middle-school students who point out that they had a great time at the egg hunt back when they were first-graders.

This year was especially fun. One little girl squealed with joy each time she found an egg, and loudly proclaimed that “This is the best day of my life!” We’re sure there are many more best days to come, but we’re so happy this was a contender.

Over the years, we’ve seen more parents each time come to help hide eggs and keep the children from running out of bounds. As a former teacher, Nancy knows that parent involvement is the key to success in school. We think Mrs. Landers’ students are on the smart path.

If you’d like to see more photos from this year’s egg hunt, please visit our Facebook page, and become a fan while you’re there.